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    Multicast Stream.


      Hello, sorry my english is fail.


      I’m trying to send my streaming  using multicast, using p2p it works,  but when set peerToPeerDisabled = true, it does not work.

      Someone can help  me or send an example.

      My groupspec:
      var groupSpecifier:GroupSpecifier = new GroupSpecifier("br.com.rksoftwares/aplicacao01");
      groupSpecifier.peerToPeerDisabled = true;
      groupSpecifier.multicastEnabled = true;
      groupSpecifier.postingEnabled = true;   
      groupSpecifier.routingEnabled = true;
      groupSpecifier.objectReplicationEnabled = true;
      groupSpecifier.serverChannelEnabled = true;
      groupSpecifier.ipMulticastMemberUpdatesEnabled = true;

      Already looked at the topic  http://forums.adobe.com/message/2547534 # 2547534, but I am not  convinced because the tutorial  http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashmediaserver/articles/p2p_rtmfp_groups_04.html  reports that using FP 10.1 is able to send streaming  using pure IP multicast.

      Thank you very much.