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    Multicam, the more edits the slower it gets


      Hi! I have a problem again. I want to do a multicam edit with 2 clips AVCHD, the show is about one hour. AVCHD is no problem it's a i5, 6GB Ram, working smoothly normally.

      Now I started editing in multicam monitor and switching the cams on the fly. After a few edits the system got more and more laggy. After a while PR needed about 2-3 seconds to switch cams after pressing the keys.

      So I stopped and started from the same point again, but the system kept beeing laggy. After I did the whole show - and it wasn't possible to edit at the right positions, I wanted to shorten the whole show. Now it takes about 10 seconds for the system to make the cut. The colorful Donut appears and it's taking ages to go on and on...

      So it seems the more edits (cuts) there are in the timeline, the slower PR gets. What the f.... I've never had a problem like this before with AVID. There it doesn't matter how many edits you have in a project.

      What can I do. It's just a 60 Minutes show! What about 90 Minutes etc...


      Please help!



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          First consideration is to get a MUCH more powerful machine.

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            Kriskind Level 1

            Thanks for your answer. The machine is brand new and the i5 350 isn't that much slower than the new i7 and friends of mine are editing with much slower machines, on 32 bit win 7 and do not have any of these probs at all.

            My AVID Express was a dual core, much slower with 3 GB Ram and I did HD multicam all the time. It's just stupid if an editing software is getting slower with each edit. It's in my opinion a question of the way a software is working or not working efficient. So no other idea than selling the new machine?

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Do the http://ppbm4.com benchmark test, send the results to Bill and possibly post them here and you will know how well your system performs. If your score is over 100 s, it is too slow.


              The machine may basically be reasonable, but if it lacks a proper disk setup, is not properly configured and is not tuned decently, it can't perform. Without details we can't tell and a simple way to tell you more is by supplying more details and doing the benchmark test.

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                This 'may' be your machine, but all of us who use multicam in CS4 have the same issue, so I doubt it's 'just your machine'.


                Multicam works great until (my experiences) you reach in the neighborhood of 30-50 "cuts", then it slows down (by slow down I mean the multicam monitor changing from cam to cam delays more and more) until it gets to the point that the user feels/believes the multicam isn't functioning.  That "visual feed back" the user gets from seeing the multicam monitor change is (my opinion) a necessity to make the 'multicam feature' usable.  In actuality, the multicam cuts are being recorded by CS4, and if you play back your timeline, you'll see the cuts you made, but not having that visual feedback as you are creating the cuts is unnerving to say the lease.


                Apparently, Adobe didn't do anything to address this in CS4 updates but I SINCERELY HOPE this will be corrected in CS5.   I still have a copy of CS2 on my machine and if I'm going to have to do a lot of cuts in a multicam environment, I resort to using CS2 for my multicam work, then export that to an .AVI and import that .AVI into CS4 as a new file.  It's a cumbersome work-around I know....  BTW: multicam worked great in CS2 and CS3, only 'not working so great' in CS4....so, again I doubt that it's really your computer.

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                  Phil Griffith Level 2

                  I would have to second that. I did multicam work all the time in cs3 with no problems but in cs4, the feedbacks don't stay up with the actual cuts. It's a little late probably to compain about it, what with cs5 coming out. I just hope it works better. By the way, I just do sd video work and it still slows down.