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    Can't export anything from Premiere Pro CS4 with new Encoder CS5


      Using Windows 7, HP Laptop dualcore, Premiere CS4 these things have not changed.

      New stuff I did- Peachtree Complete accounting, lightroom beta 2 64

      New stuff just discovered - Adobe Media Encoder CS5.


      When I hit export FLV/F4V or mp3 (2 exports I checked) the export flag comes up for a second and Encoder comes up without a sequence in the window. Try to export again and Premiere freezes.


      Tried saving the file as project and opening in Encoder failed badly.


      Okay while writing this searched out the encoder 5 and copied to another drive and removed from the CS4 directory.

      Opened Encoder CS4 and now it all works again.


      So I guess now my question is - Is anyone else having this problem with the new CS5 encoder that they updated me to?