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    FB4 - Issues with scroller and viewable area in Datacontainer

    sleblang Level 1

      I have a SkinnableDataContainer that has  both a custom item renderer as  well as a custom skin class. The item renderer is displaying a dynamic  image as well as a static (predefined) image. The static (three) images are at the bottom of the dynamic image and are serving as icons (see attached image). The issue I am having is that the SkinnableDataContainer does not provide enough room (padding) at the bottom of the screen (highlighted in red) so that in the last row the icons are cut off for each dynamic image. Additionally, the scroller is showing only about 1/3 of the items have been scrolled (in red) when in fact the bottom row being shown is actually the last row and the thumbbar from the scroller should be at the bottom.


      Any suggestions on resolving both of these issues?


      Thanks for the assistance.