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    Customized Brush...Need help


      I made an arrow brush (splatter brush), which I am trying to have follow a circled path with consistent spacing and size, but can not seem to get it right. I attached images to show what I am trying to accomplish. In between the arrows I would like to add a bubble with a blurb. Please help if you can. Your help is greatly appreciated! Thanks




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          JETalmage-71mYin Level 3

          Two identical circles in the same location. One has a Pattern Brush applied. (Pattern Brushes take care of the bending of the arrows, whereas Scatter Brushes do not.) The other is the spine of a Blend between two ellipses. (In order for Illustrator's poorly implemented pathBlend to work right, you have to cut the spine path.)


          As you can see, the arrows are uniformly spaced. So are the centers of the ellipses. But because the aspect ratio of the ellipses is not 1:1, there is no way their centers can be uniformly spaced while their distance is also uniform. Simple geometry will not allow that. So a circle of uniformly distributed (by centers) ellipses, aligned to the page (not to the path) is never going to look uniformly distributed.