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    How to move all images from a site to a new folder and not lose links?

    Emperor1212 Level 1

      I have always wondered this.....tried a few things with no success..Whenever I take over a site from someone, a lot of time the previous designer did not make folders for ANYTHING including images.....so in thier main directory they have 20 html pages, 200 images and css files etc.....I can not think this way.....I want to just make a folder for images...put all the images there.....a css folder....etc. Once I do this all my links are lost and it is to much work to replace each one with the broken link finder in Dreamweaver......In some other applications like Logic Studio ( a music production application as an example ) it is very similar. Your main song file is pointing to linked audio files all over your hard drive....If you decide you want to move that drive it will search for the linked audio files and when it can not find them it asks you to specify the new folder or search manually for them.....if I had moved 200 audio files it comes in quite handy because I can just point to that new folder and im done.......finally, my question is what would you guys recommend for doing this? Moving hundreds of image files so that I can organize things...........any help would be GREATLY appreciated...I have googled but found no great technique...