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    Why is Adobe so unpatriotic?!?!?!


      I am serving the U.S. Air Force is Seould South Korea trying to keep North Korean 's from realeasing Nuclear weapons on the planet. I fight and have fought for over 10 years to defend those that seem to spit in our faces. I am going to college at DeVry needing a copy of Flash. I could do the unethical thing and get a working hacked copy. But you know I fight for buisnesses like this that have done something with there time in the U.S. istead of just complian. But now that I need a copy for school I get a notice that Adobe does not support tha military by sending copies to APO addresses. WTF?????? I wonder if this would make a good CNN special? Adobe does not support those that fight for them? I am very upset about this. =-(