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    quits during encoding


      Hi I just burned a test DVD from a 1 min video, which was fine. I then returned to a two-hour project. I have recently wiped the drive, reinstalled Vista and had the guys at dell take over the pc and update all the drivers this morning. I don't have Nvidia.

      There's over 100gb of free hard drive space and 4gb ram. The video on the timeline is all dv-avi from a previous export from elemets 8.

      Before wiping the drive I successfully burned this same project,

      Now it won't burn. It starts encoding and quits at about 5%.


      Is there a difference between going to SHARE and exporting your movie and going to File, Export etc?


      I'm going to put the installation disc back in and install again as I have since put in Roxio and that may have interferred I dunno.


      Any thoughts while I do that over the next few days?


      put this question into an existing thread if you want.




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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          What version of PrE do you have?


          Can you Burn to Folder?


          Have you made any changes to the Project, since it last burned successfully?


          Even a 1-Frame gap in the Video portion of the Timeline can cause an issue.


          This ARTICLE might help you gather "clues," on what is happening with your computer, when the Burn fails.


          Good luck,



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            mikejc111 Level 1

            I have Preimiere Elements 8.0


            I have reinstalled the software to ensure that nothing else has taken over the burner.


            I have installed the recent update.


            I have recently wiped the hard drive and reinstalled everything.


            I have defragmented both the internal and external hard drives.


            I cannot burn a disc with this two-hour project consisting of DV-avi material previously exported from Elements 8. The applicaton quits after 1% encoding.


            I cannot export the timeline at all to avoid the 1 frame of black thing mentioned by B. Hunt above. The application just quits.


            I cannot burn to a folder. The application just quits.


            I have 4GB ram, a dual core processor, and over 150GB of hard drive space on the external hard drive where both the project and the timeline material is stored (it is 25GB in size)


            A year ago I was burning discs with this method all the time with no trouble.


            I cannot use this software. It just quits and quits and quits.


            I don't have Nvidia.




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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              What did Event Viewer show you was happening, when the program quits? Were there any warning, or error messages, in either the System, or Applications tabs?


              over 150GB of hard drive space on the external hard drive where both the project and the timeline material is stored (it is 25GB in size)


              I think that there might be a typo in the above line. Do you mean that the external HDD is a 250GB unit? What is the connection type to the external HDD?


              Good luck,



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                mikejc111 Level 1

                I just thought I'd close this up as after a while I did eventually find the answer. When using an external drive - which contains all your video the only way to do it is to ensure EVERYTHING is on that drive, and not your machine, including still pics, sounds, menu items, all of it. Then you have to begin the project ensuring that when you create it, you do so putting it in a folder in the external drive. What I was doing wrong was starting it in the pc, then moving the project over to the external drive and try to burn a disc there. This worked in PE2.0, but to use an external drive now, all of it must be there from the beginning.


                there, case closed.

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Yes, that would make sense, Mike. Moving pieces around -- especially project files -- mid-project is not a good idea.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    I have not done any work, where I began a Project in one place, and then moved it about, but I can see where that workflow could create problems.


                    I do use FW-800 externals, as I migrate Projects between my laptop and my workstation, and everything, Project file, Assets and Scratch Disks, are all located on the external.


                    One caveat, when using externals is to set that drive's letter in the OS of any/all computers, so that it always appears with that drive letter, every time that one plugs in the external.


                    Good luck,