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    cfchart interpolation

      Does anyone know how to stop cfchart from doing x-axis data interpolation? When you make a graph with two cfchartseries if chartseries 1 has cfchartdata at x=1 and x=5 and cfchartseries 2 has has cfchartdata at x=2 and x=10...Then all x-axis values defined in chart series 2 that aren't defined in chart series 1 have datapoints and all x-axis values defined in chart series 1 that aren't defined in chart series 2 have datapoints. This means chartseries 1 and chartseries 2 has data for x=1,5,2,10 even though each only defines data for two x-axis points.

      This occurs for all chart types even scatter. Does anyone know how to stop x-axis data interpolation?

      Here is some example code:
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          steve fish

          Hi. Can I ask please if you ever resolved this cfchart issue ?


          I'm new to cfchart and having the same issue when using 2 or more cfchartseries in one chart.


          Any help would be much appreciated.



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            Daverms Level 3



            See "morecarl's" reply in this thread.. That will resolve your issue,





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              pyae phyoe shein Level 1

              Do you want to interpolate X-value in bar chart? If so, use following XML files.



                  <cfsavecontent variable="SLC_chartStyle">
                  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
                  <frameChart font="Arial-10" is3D="false">
                            <frame xDepth="8" yDepth="6" outline="#000000" leftAxisPlacement="Back"/>
                                 <labelFormat pattern="#,##0.###"/>
                                 <parseFormat pattern="#,##0.###"/>
                                 <labelStyle orientation="Vertical"/>
                                 <titleStyle font="Arial-16-bold"> </titleStyle>
                            <yAxis scaleMin="0">
                                 <labelFormat pattern="#,##0.###"/>
                                 <parseFormat pattern="#,##0.###"/>
                                 <titleStyle font="Arial-16-bold" isMultiline="false">
                            <elements drawOutline="false" drawShadow="true">
                                 <morph morph="None" stage="None"/>                  
                            <decoration foreColor="white"/>
                            <popup background="white" foreground="black"/>
                            <paint palette="Pastel" paint="Plain" min="47" max="83"/>