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    simple form if/else for gotoframeandplay

      Hey Guys,

      I have a form in a swf with a button and an if/else statement in the button action to determine which frame to go to if certain conditions are met. The second "else if" clause is working but the initial "if" seems to be bypassed any time I try to test it (and it's testing for a blank value). What happens is the action goes right to the final "else" condition and launches the form. What am I doing wrong?

      The form is setup with an input text box with variable name "zip".

      Here's the button action:

      on (release) {

      if (zip eq "") {


      } else if (zip.length < 5 && zip.length > 1) {


      } else {

      getURL ("theform.php", "_blank", "POST");