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    Transitions? Old-school A-B way in CS4?


      Sorry if this is too much of a newb question, but like I mentioned before, I'm used to working with Premiere 6.5 with the A/B Editing layout.


      In 6.5, you had a main A/B track, and something like a simple dissolve you'd throw in the transitions track, snap each end to the ends of the clips, and you're done.


      In CS4, I can't seem to figure out how to properly do this. I'll drag the dissolve transition to the end of the my clip in Video2, but it won't "snap" to the beginning of the clip from my clip in Video1. If I click on the effect and look at the Effect Controls panel, it shows the tradition A/B tracks, but shows the source as being a blank or black screen.


      The transition works fine, it's just that it's hard to really snap to the beginning of the next clip, and from the effects tab it almost appears as if I'm using this the wrong way.


      Can anyone shed some light on how I'm supposed to be doing this, or how I can at least easily get the transition to snap to the beginning of my clip in Video1?