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    Licensing Issue?

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      After removing Flash Builder 4 Beta – and installing the release – if I close Eclipse, my application refuses to talk to (CF 9).  Of course, this means anyone else attempting to connect to our development server is of course unable to run the application because they don’t have a copy of Eclipse and Flash Builder on their machine!


      So, when Eclipse is open everything works as expected – when Eclipse is closed everything (remoting specifically) stops.  Has anyone run into this issue yet?


      I’m assuming that purchasing Flash Builder 4 will resolve the issue, however, it seems strange that this would happen considering I still have 57 days left.




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          dews Level 1

          Purchasing Flash Builder does not help!

          After uninstalling Flash Builder 4, both beta and release, I am still running into this peculiar issue, even after purchase.

          I have to have Eclipse open and only then will .swfs in my browser talk to the server.  With Eclipse open, I can run/debug locally as normal - as well as run the app on the development server.  From any other machine or with Eclipse closed, the .swf refuses to communicate with the server and my app simply sits at login.

          I found something similar in terms of a known licensing issue: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/831/cpsid_83141.html - however, after removing and reinstalling a total of four times - I'm at a loss.


          The version of my app I compiled using FB Beta just a few days ago works as expected, so I know there isn't an issue with the server/connection/authentication etc.


          Any ideas anyone?

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            Ok, it's been a few days - no one else appears to be suffering the same problem - this has to be specific to me..  right?  I reinstalled eclipse and the beta releases and after importing my project and the same problem was still happening, I began looking elsewhere.  I opened Network Monitoring - saw the stream of data and it clicked.  The App needed to be recompiled with Network Monitoring disabled!  I had closed the view on my IDE, and therefore didn't see the stream..  but clearly I hadn't disabled it (on/off on Network Monitoring Tool Bar | sdk: 3.5).  The coincidental install of the release version made me ignore any other potential issues, and I focused in on the install being the only issue.


            Basically, Network Monitoring sends a stream of data bound for the debugger and when the debugger isn't available, a security sandbox violation occurs and networking basically comes to a halt.


            I hope this post at least saves someone, somewhere from repeating my nightmare!



            A couple of interesting links I picked up along the way: