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      I am capturing HDV from a Sony HVR-HD1000U or Canon HV30/40.  When I capture, I use the HDV1080i30 setting.  When I review my footage, the audio is out of sync.  I need some help!  I never had this problem with CS3.




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          Jean Pierre Bottazzoli Level 1



          There is no reason to not use the PPR capturing, works fine if you do not whant to split the scenes but are working with subclips.


          Canon HV40 (NTSC):

          60i, Native 24p Progressive (records at 24p), 24p Progressive (records at 60i), 30p Progressive (records at 60i)

          Sony HVR-HD1000U (NTSC):

          HDV: 1080/60i
          DV: 480/60i (NTSC)


          Is the captured footage playing correctly with p.ex. mediaplayer, or do you also expect the sync problem?

          Please control if the media Timebase is set to NTSC 29.97fps.

          Please control if the Sequence settings are same as the camera recording format: HDV (not AVCHD) 1080i30.


          I have excpected some synch problems when I use the "Fast Record Mode" on my Sony FX7 while the smote scene change is not maintained in this mode, over all if the tapes are not stripped (pre-recorded with a time code).


          Regards, JPB

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            OOS (out of sync) errors are very common with longer clips. Like John said, HDVSplit is the best way to capture, because it adds scene detection, avoids OOS errors, adds preview during capture and retains the date and time stamp of the shots.


            So there is every reason to NOT use PR for capturing.

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              Jean Pierre Bottazzoli Level 1

              Dear harm,


              anyone has his one experience and the freedom to choice the best solution for himself.

              The only thing I will never accept is to find "workarounds" for not working, expensive things. If you encounter problems with PPR or other professional software, then the problem must be solved and not ignored.


              My services have captured some 600 hours of video in any format, from VHS, over UMatic to DV and HDV with PPR and without any problem. Scene splitting is not a request. Synch problems never encountered (Except my one problem with the Sony FX7 fast recording mode, but

              now, as my system is again clean, I have re-captured the problematic tapes and there is no more synch problems).


              There is always a reason when things are not going the way we expect.


              The only try I have done with HDSplit (following your advices) has been absolutely not convenient. Some packets missing, some pictures missing. Comparing the 60 minutes captured results on to video tracks, one captured by PPR the other by HDSplit, the HDSplit video is shorter then the PPR captured and on a personal feeling the image quality is less, but that I cannot proof.

              As I sad, no need of scene splitting. A project with 6 hours of  video and some 2000 scenes takes over 15 minutes to load in PPR. The same project with subclips make it in two minutes. Subclip workflow is much easier.


              That's the way we are working since longtime and there is no reason to change a good working workflow.


              Thanks for all your investment in order to help the users, as Adobe is not willing to do this job (w/o bee paid for).


              Best regards from Namibia, JPB

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                You have been lucky, unlike many others, to have no noticable problems with dropped frames. If you go back in history, there were many complaints about OOS errors. I think it was CS2. Then PR got the famous ''Red frames" in CS3 to indicate a dropped frame and that alleviated the problem to some extend, but left you with the problem on that one hour capture to razor out the dropped frames and that was extremely time consuming. This was also the reason that the PR captured material was longer than the HDVSplit material, because dropped frames were left out, saving you tremendous time. You are correct about the load times of projects with many clips versus a few, but I prefer a 10-15 minute load time once a day over spending a multitude of that in locating dropped frames and razoring them out. As far as preferring scene detected clips or one hour captures and sub-clips, that is workflow dependent. Personally I prefer scene detected editing and the longer load time so I have time for another cup of coffee.

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                  Jean Pierre Bottazzoli Level 1

                  Nice to talk with you Harm, what is your preferred kahawa?

                  But, yes, it was a story about capturing with CS? And the red frames are still there if you use this Fast Record Mode from Sony. Perhaps with the new AX2000 recording on AVCHD, the camera will be ready instantly (I hope so, will get the cam only in July). I really need that "fast cam ready for recording" when filming the wildlife, rater the continuous filming.


                  have a nice journey, JPB

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                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                    kahawa? Sorry, my Mandinka is a bit rusty, or was it Wolof? Or are you talking about the suburb of Nairobi?

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                      Jean Pierre Bottazzoli Level 1

                      Just Coffee in Suaheli (Nairobi was good).