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    Upgrade form SDK3.0 to SDK3.4 - issue with flex builder pro.


      We are using Flex Builder 3.0 professional edition. It had SDK3.0 packaged along which we were using till now. Now we want to upgrade to SDK3.4.


      The issue we are facing : we have controls like 'AdvancedDataGrid', 'PieChart' etc which are part of professional edition. But the SDK3.4 we download from adobe site doesnot have the support for these advanced controls.

      We were able to find that the SDK3.4 does not have a folder 'fbpro' present in SDK3.0 we have. But copy-pasting the 'fbpro' folder in SDK3.4 did'nt help either.


      How can we upgrade to SDK3.4 and also have support for FB Pro. Any potential suggestion will be very helpful.

      Thanks in advance.