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    Need help with AlivePDF


      I am using AlivePDF  for a requirement in my AIR project.Here is my scenerio

      I am using Tab navigator with one viewstack having Chart and another having Datagrid


      I have a number of panels with graphs and charts in the Datagrid. User sees many panels at a time.



      1)How can I present these Panels(with Charts)  to different pages of PDF?

      2)How can I write to pdf  both chart and datagrid  in a tab navigator, and if the creation policy is such that it is loaded only when user selects?


      Do relpy me as soon as possible. Your help will be highly appreciated



      Also I have problem in Using addImage();


      pdf.addImage(dg1, RESIZE,15,20,100,200,0,1,



      what parameter we have to use for resize here. I am using latest version  .1.5 beta.  I a getting error  for resize