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    giving a button multiple functions

      I'm painfully new to actionscript, and having a hard time finding basic information on get Property and set Property, and I'm not even fully sure either of these variable controllers are what I need...

      I have five scenes that relate to a basic menu (Home, About, Menu, etc) , and want an image to fade in and out of the background each time the appropriate page/scene opens. I've set up each image fading in as their own movie clip, and same for each image fading out.

      I have no problem in fading the image in (I've set the 'image in' movie clip on the first frame of the destination scene), but have no idea how to fade the image out when I hit a button to go somewhere else. Basically, I don't know how to set a button with both a goTo action AND the needed play action for the 'image out' movie clip to play. And I don't know what that 'needed play action' is either.

      I hope this makes sense! Any suggestions are appreciated - I've been hitting my head on the wall for a while now!