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    Best practices for data entry online system

    Raju Penumatsa

      Hi all


      I am(with a team of 4 members) going to build an online data entry system which may have approximately 30 screens. I am going to use Spring BlazeDS remoting to connect middleware.

      Anyone could please suggest me some good practices to follow in flex side to do such a "DATA ENTRY" application.


      The below points are some very few common best practices we need to follow while doing coding .But i am not sure how to achive them in flex side.


      • User experience (Probably i can get little info regarding this from my client)
      • Code maintanability
      • Code extendibility
      • memory and CPU optimization
      • Able to work with team members(Multiple checkouts)
      • Best framework


      So i am looking for valueble suggestion from great minds.