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    JSON  with CFSELECT problem or data type

      First let me say this, CF8's AJAX looks impressive. However, I'm not having a good time after initial quick testing success.
      Here's the problem.
      Back end: Access database, the particular field named gender use data type of "number".

      CFC, component named myTest.cfm, function has this
      <cffunction name="getGender" access="remote" returntype="array">
      define a var for data storage
      run a query
      append result to the defined array
      return the array

      Calling CF template looks like this
      <cfselect name="gender"

      Execution result, the select element is Empty.

      <cfinvoke component="myTest"
      returnVariable = "myTest">
      which suggests that the delimiters using the Array is "." (dot), so, maybe, by default the CFSELET is expecting delimiters of "," or ";". What do you think? How may I circumvent it? I've also tried the returntype of string for the function, but returned the same "1.0", that is, two values using the "." (dot) delimiters.

      Thank you.