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    Drill Down Charts Backed by JAVA




         I am from java background, but I had developed simple projects mostly CURD operations and just a simple chats using Spring Blazeds.

      But now I want to develop  dash board and drill down charts. I have seen some sample , where the data  is an XML which is mapped to flex objects and drill down is done.


      But what I know is just call a remote java method which returns a map or list which I get as a Array collection.


      Is it possible to acehive drill down with such java return type or  does java need to return results only in XML, so drill down can be easy at flex end.


      what is  the best way to do ?


      Almost all the examples comes with an static xml file available for the application, It would be great if  any one can tell how to drill down using a List returned by java or any example  of drill down backed by java.