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    Trouble exporting animated PNG



      i heard that i can export fla job to an animated png instead of gif

      and the png will be loseless

      cause when im exporting to gif it became some kind of crap

      i've asked in other forum and they told me that there's no such thing animated png because png is a still picture

      so i showed them some kind of animated png like this one http://img2.tapuz.co.il/forums/1_140064267.png

      just to prove them that there is animated png

      now i have 2 problems

      when im exporting to animated gif the mask and the movie clips at the job wouldn't shown

      example: here is the fla, the swf, and the exported gif.










      well about the gif this is surprise because somehow the mask is working now

      but as u can c the mc isn't


      so my questions are:

      how can i originally export as animated png , so i won't lose any of the effects, mc, mask etc..

      if there's no such thing, how can i export as animated gif so the mc in the job will be animated either