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    Playing YouTube video (AS2) with SWFLoader only works for the first time?




      I'd like to play multiple YouTube videos in my AIR application (Flex 4 with AIRbeta2).

      I tried to use SWFLoader to load the YouTube videos.

      It successfully loaded the first video, but when I loaded the second and the following videos, they didn't show up.


      Several workarounds were tried:

      1. Append "version=3" to the YouTube video link.
        The second and subsequent videos showed up successfully; however, the player position is kind of incorrect and it's without the control bar.
      2. Use youtubechromelesswrapper-as3.
        It seemed to be the best solution I found, but it required additional efforts to build my player to control the player.


      Could anyone explain why the SWFLoader way to load multiple YouTube videos didn't work?

      And is there any simple solution to do that?

      Otherwise, I think I should just use the secnond workarounds to build my own player.

      Thanks a lot!