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    Auto enhancing clips

    Koscieliska Level 1

      Steve's book says (p.92) "Auto Enhance can be also applied manually to clips already on your timeline or sceneline. To apply this feature, right-click on a clip and select Apply Auto Enhance from the context menu."


      But when I right click on a clip in the timeline there is no 'Apply Auto Enhance' option. Am I doing something wrong?



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          nealeh Level 5

          Auto Enhance is a PRE8 new feature. Is that the version you have?


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            Koscieliska Level 1

            Yep, I have PRE8.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Have you clips been Auto-Analyzed yet? As I say in the sidebar on that same page, Auto Enhance will only work on

              clips that have been Auto Analyzed and Smart Tagged.


              You can manually Auto Analyze a clip by selecting it in the Elements Organizer program and selecting the option. Then you should find the option to Auto Enhance the clip in Premiere Elements.

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                Koscieliska Level 1

                Well, to test manual Auto Enhance, I opened a new project, imported three clips, auto-analysed them and dragged into the timeline. Then I right-clicked one of them. After right-clicking, a drop-down menu appears with 37 options (some inactive) starting with 'cut' and finishing with 'show clip keyframe'. But there is no option 'Apply Auto Enhance'. What am I doing wrong?



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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Well, it works -- but it's a little more convoluted than it ought to be, if you ask me.


                  1) Go to the Elements Organizer and click Edit/Preferences and open the Auto Analyzer preferences. Make sure all of the Select Filters are checked -- even if ultimately you don't have the automatically detect feature turned on.


                  2) Right-click on the clip or clips you want to manually analyzer and select the Auto Analyze option. When you're done, you should see a little purple tag down in the lower right corner of each.


                  3) In Premiere Elements, use Get Media to bring the clips into your project. (For some frustrating reason, the program doesn't seem to automatically update the clips already in your project.)


                  4) When you add one of these clips to your timeline, you should get a pop-up offering to Smart Fix the clip. (It used to say Auto Enhance. At some point it apparently changed.) If you have this preference turned off, you won't see this pop-up, of course.


                  5) Even after you've added these clips to your timeline, you can auto enhance by right-clicking and selecting the option to Smart Fix.


                  Again, I apologize for the change in terminology. I'm not sure when Adobe snuck this change in on me. But the tool still functions pretty much the same.


                  Hope that helps, Andrew!


                  And thanks again for supporting the book!

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                    Koscieliska Level 1

                    OK, thanks Steve. It was indeed change in terminology.