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    How do you place an SWF inside an existing web page?

    David C Anderson Level 1

      I have created a Flash-based image gallery using a template purchased from Activeden.net and have successfully published this on a dedicated html page that contains nothing but the SWF file. I would now like to learn how to add an SWF movie to an existing web page. In other words, the movie would run within a rectangular space in a position of my choice surrounded by loads of other stuff.


      My first attempts to add a Flash movie to an ASP.NET aspx page were only partially successful. The movie runs within its allocated space but I can only see the bottom third. The rest is cut off by the upper edge of the rectangle (which is big enough to take the whole movie).


      I am a Flash CS4 newbie and am struggling to understand how to position the movie on the web page. Any help would be much appreciated.