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    Installing SVN in Standalone Flash builder



      This should be easy, but installing SVN on the Standalone FB on the Mac OS X 10.5.8 fails! I had to install a newer version of SVN (you can get a nice packaged binary from here ) then you can use  Help->install new Software ->http://subclipse.tigris.org/update_1.6.x add new software.


      If you dont have Mylyn installed and I dont then you uave to uncheck Sublcipse intergration for Mylyn and Subversion Revsion Graph.


      Adobe Please ship with SVN pre installed nobody uses CVS anymore!



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          Ansury Level 3

          You don't mean subversion, you mean a subversion plugin.  Subclipse?  Or the other one (I forget the name)?


          Anyway this is how it has always been for SVN + Flex Builder (or Flash Builder, meh), you have to deselect a few things, but it works fine when you do so.  You don't need Mylyn integration if you don't use Mylyn anyway, right?  (Good call not installing that magic trash btw.)


          How did you try to install it?  In my interweb-disconnected environment I always have to install from an 'archive site'.  Or did you do the remote site/download (I assume)?  I'll be trying this one at home (interweb-enabled environment) this weekend.


          Installing an SVN plugin by default is a nice idea but you should really talk to the Eclipse team about that (and/or Subclipse people).  (Of course this would only help with FB 5.)  FB is just going off of what Eclipse provides for free, CVS integration being one of those.

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            Jason San Jose Adobe Employee

            Subclipse install instructions: http://blogs.adobe.com/jasonsj/2010/03/installing_subclipse_in_flash_builder_4.html


            Jason San Jose

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