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    A presentation to email for others to see without a browser


      I  am trying to make a Presentation  to email for others to see without a  browser, but when I do, it doesn't  show. I've downloaded Adobe Flash  Player 10.0 r22, I've built the  XML presentation, I've published it, then uploaded to my  hosting. I have tried everythiing I can  think of, but it still will not show. It works on my  machine; however, when I try to view it out  of it's containing folder,  it doesn't show anything but the preloader.  Can someone please help me?

      I  can send you an example of a  working Presentation along with a Zip file  containing my presentation  with everything I've built if my explanation  isn't quite clear. Please  help.


      If this isn't the correct Forum , would you let me know where to post?

      Thank you in advance,