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    index entries disappear in chm output


      Product: TCS 1 (FM8 ver 0p277 + RH7 ver 7.03.001)


      All my text and index markers are created in FM and then imported into RH7. This works well, but the problem occurs when the FM index has a format similar to the following example:


      Commands: for standard users

      Commands: for super users


      where Commands is the top index marker, which doesn't have a link in its own right.


      Although the import is OK and the entries appear in the RH index list, the Commands entry has a cross-reference property. The problem occurs when the chm or html files are created. The Commands entry disappears and its sub-entries become sub-entries to the previous index top entry with a proper link.


      I have found a work around for this problem, to go thro' my RH index list and clear the Cross-reference check mark in the Index Keyword Properties box. Unfortunately, this is labour intensive.


      Does anyone have a solution? Is there some import setting that automatically does what I have to do manually?