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    Saving/Deleting Files - Please Help!


      I am running Illustrator CS on Windows and have this intermittent problem:


      Sometimes when I go to save an ai file, I will get a warning that says:


         "The file may be read-only, or another user may have it open.  Please save the document with a different name or in a different folder."


      I never set up a file as Read Only (I wouldn't even know how if I wanted to) and it is a stand-alone computer so I know that no other user has it open.  Has anyone else seen this or know what to do?


      Not only does this not allow me to save the file without renaming it, but if I try to go back to delete the previously named file, I get this warning: 


         "File in Use - The action can't be completed because the file is open in another program.  Close the file and try again."


      So, by the time I am done saving a file a few times, I have several different versions with different names that are filling up tons of disk space with files that can't even be deleted.


      I am the only user, so I know these files are not in use by other users.  I can even try to delete it from Windows Explorer with Illustrator closed and it still tells me the file is in use.


      I contacted Adobe Support to help and they said my software was expired and would offer no help, so I am turning to you folks for help.



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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          It might be a permissions problem and perhaps someone like Mylenium or jacob will stop by to help you fix it or it could be your settings folder is corrupt in the case try this


          1. Quit Illustrator.
          2. Rename the AIPrefs file (for example, to AIPrefs.old) in the Users/(user)/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Adobe Illustrator CS3 Settings folder.
          3. Start Illustrator. Illustrator creates a new preferences file.