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    "Altering PremiereElements .exe to "High".

    MissMoppett Level 1

      One posting talks about "switching PremiereElements .exe to  "High" to speed things up. How do you do that please? (I'm running Prem El 7). Thanks.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Can you post a link to that discussion?


          I am not aware of this method.


          Thanks, and good luck,



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            MissMoppett Level 1

            Well Bill I hate to say it but it was one of yours, but back in 2009 (be sure your sins will

            find you out). See http://forums.adobe.com/message/2466054#2466054 (Mr Macke)

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              OK, that article on optimization of PrPro. Thanks, as I had forgotten about that. Maybe BlackViper can fill you in.on details. I have not personally used the steps in that article.


              Good luck,



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                Ed.Macke Level 3



                The main reason I increase the priority is because it makes the playback in the monitor work better (or sometimes, work at all...). When I don't bump the priority, the playback is frequently flaky... sometimes it  will stop playing for no reason, or the audio will play while the video  just sits on the first frame... that kind of oddness. With the priority set to "High", I don't have those issues at all. I've experimented many times to verify that it truly was the priority change that resolved the issue. But that's just with my machine (Win XP SP3, 3GHz CPU, 2 GB memory, 1TB HD).


                I don't know if adjusting  the priority will "speed things up", as in making rendering quicker,  etc. I've never done any timings. My guess is that it wouldn't, or not much anyway. But the good news is that it won't hurt anything either. About the worst that can happen is other stuff will run slower while PRE is running at increased priority, but when I'm doing editing, I couldn't care less how slow the "other" stuff runs!


                Having said all that, here's how you switch the task priority for Win XP (I'm assuming Vista / Win7 are similar).

                • Bring up Windows' Task Manager. You can do this by right-clicking an empty area in your Windows toolbar and selecting "Task Manager", or by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete and clicking "Task Manager"
                • If Task Manager isn't already displaying the "Processes" tab, click on that tab
                • Find Premiere Elements .EXE under the "Image Name" column. I forget exactly what it's called, but it's pretty easy to find. Something like "Premiere Elements.exe"
                • Right-click on the .EXE name. From the menu that pops up, select "Set Priority", then "Above Normal" or "High". I would NOT recommend selecting "Real Time".

                As I mentioned in the original post (good hunting, BTW!), the new priority only stays in effect for as long as PRE is running. If you exit the application, you'll need to go through the steps again.

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                  MissMoppett Level 1

                  Most grateful for that. Yes I use XP: I'll try it. I agree playback can

                  be a real pain, even after rendering whole sections.

                  PS Have just tried that and you get a warning message "altering priority may create instability". Now that'll be novel . . .

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                    VDOSurfer Level 3

                    I have seen a lot of forums and nowhere else do I see this habit of helping others being so infectious in a positive way, of course. With a wealth of experience (ATR, Hunt, Neale, Steve and others) and their sheer "want" to help others, this is one place people can come with a problem and sure to at least be heard, and by people who know how to help. Solution or not, getting heard itself is so satisfying.


                    With whatever little help I can give out, with the few posts I have been able to answer, I am already proud to be a part of this system.


                    Thanks guys!!!!


                    P.S. Didn't know where else to send this appreciation out. Pardon me if this wasn't the right link.

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                      any help appreciated:  i am using premiere elements 4 and cannot burn dvd, getting premiere elements.exe. error for about a week now, also using vista and have dell xps with optiarc dvd burner.  i have considered losing vista and going to windows 7 or losing pe 4 and getting pe 8, but don't know what the problem is.  thanks.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        I would suggest posting as new thread, as this thread might not have any bearing on your issue.


                        I would also suggest listing details on the following:


                        Complete details of your system, especially things like RAM, your HDD's, their size, speed, free space, how allocated, etc., and your CPU.

                        Your Project Preset

                        Your source footage

                        The DVD layout that you are using

                        Any other "burning" programs that you have installed


                        This ARTICLE will give you some tips on the types of info that would be so very helpful to us.


                        Good luck, and we'll be looking for those details in the new thread.



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                          jjcamcrew Level 1

                          after reading your response about task manager, i opened my task manager, looked under processes but did not see anything with premiere elements.exe., but i did find an adobe flash player, right clicked on that, changed read only to not read only, opened up pe 4 and was able to begin the dvd burn process.  i don't know if that was the problem, but the disc is now burning.  i do need to follow up with your suggestions about the info, as i do not have that info at hand.  thank you.

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            Good luck, and I hope that the Burn is successful.


                            Please report your success,



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                              jjcamcrew Level 1

                              the burn was successful, but when i reopened task manager i saw that adobe flash player had returned to "read only" attribute, so it's a mystery why i suddenly was able to burn a disc.  i'll see what happens tomorrow!