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    Passing params in remoting

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      I have an AIR2 app where I read/write Excel2007 files in DataGrid.

      Currently it works via WebService (server part in Java & POI framework).


      I am trying to rewrite it using Remoting.

      Few questions in that regard:

      1) Can I reuse the same Java part without changes (or minimal ones).

      For example, I have method:

      public String getExcelData(String fileName) ,

      which reads Excel file and returns me the contents as XML String,

      which I use as bound XMLListCollection for DataGrid.


      2) So how do I pass and receive parameters,

      input String fileName and

      output String  xmlData ?

      I have seen that example:

      <mx:Button label="Get Employee List" click="employeeRO.getList(dept.selectedItem.data);"/>
      But how to get the output param ?
      Please advise.




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          4) If I create RemoteObject tag in MXML, I do not need to create a DTO in ActionScipt ?

          And DTO doesn't make sense in that case, because I am only passing XML String, not some fancy structure,

          correct ?


          5) Anything new in Remoting in Flex4/AIR2 ?