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    FormsService, disable cacheing

    radek.r Level 1



      We have process, which generates large number of pdf forms via FormsService -> renderPDFForm.

      Problem is, that FormService caches generated documents and whole process is running out of memory or device space.


      We have tried to disable cacheing in adminui for LC Forms and LC Output, but livecycle still stores generated documents to /temp folder info filesystem.

      For our purpose, generated documents is only stored to database (in time we have them in process variable) an at the end of process loop it should be completely disposed.


      Is it possible to avoid storing generated documents to /tmp/AdobeDocumentStorage/local/docm* or to unlink dispose them at the end of one iteration of generating livecycle process ?



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          Steve L Walker Level 5

          How about decreasing the default document disposal timeout and increasing the document sweep interval?



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            radek.r Level 1

            Thanks for answer Steve,


            I have set disposal timeout and sweep interval to 10 seconds, but problems have remained.

            I needed to solve this in short time, so I just may not hit the right values for our specific process.


            At the end, It has been solved in the way, that I have disabled all the caches. Then LiveCycle stores documents to some filesystem temp folder and here was "watch -n20 'rm -f /....path..../*'" . It is not clean, but it may be used for quick-fix.