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    Mac Installation: AIR update needed to continue, then error in registration panel

    TonyBentley Level 1

      After uninstalling CFEclipse, CFBuilder Beta, Aptana and loading Eclipse in clean mode, I installed the plugin on my macbook pro intel. The first error I got was something to do with the incorrect AIR plugin and the message posted a link to the download site. I of course didn;t copy the link and then later was planning on googling it. Then once the restart of Eclipse happened, there was a second error saying that ColdFusion Builer could not load the registration and I had two choices, okay or cancel. Now after googling for this issue it does not seem that anyone else has had this problem. There is something related to AIR and the installation that caused it to fail. This was after uninstalling everything except my Java and Andriod plugins (JUnit, JAutodoc, Ant, Groovy, FindBugs, Android SDK, etc).