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    Web Page WON'T Update on Certain PCs


      I'm having a problem, and I don't know if this is the correct place to address it. I just rebuilt a client's website, and for the last week I have NOT been able to view the changes in the office, we have 9 computers that show me the old website, and only 1 that shows the new. The client sees the new one, and any mobile phones and stuff see the new one. Same at my house, I only see the new one. The only thing that I KNOW about the computer that can't see the new website and the one that can, is that the one that can see the new one doesn't have access to our backup servers. The one that can see the new website had never been to the old site, and we thought that was the reason, until we tested it on another pc that had never gone to it, and it sees the old one. Any suggestions?