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    AfterEffects CS4 Crash on Output Module Windows Media


      After sitting on hold for 2:15:00 yesterday, I have yet to discover humans working support, so I turn to this forum....


      I own CS4 Production Premium, on a HP Z800 with XP64, sp2 and 16gb, nvidia quadro fx 3700.


      Since installing it several months ago, I have not been able to use the render que in After Effects CS4. When an item is in the render que, selecting the "Output Module", and then selecting the "Format" drop down, as soon as I release the mouse on the "Windows Media" option, AE begins a predictable crash routine.





      No matter what the project is, this is the same result.


      What is remarkable is the fact that I can run Adobe Media Encoder and render perfectly fine to this format. But this is an awkward middle man, when I'd really like-and should be able to, to encode the project directly from AE, not AME. Premiere also renders perfectly to this format as well. Only AE appears to crash when activating the Format->Windows Media drop down.


      I've installed the latest 9.0.2 update. I've installed various WME packages from MS. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the entire suite several times. The last alternative is to surrender the machine to the IT guys to set up a clean installation of XP64 again.


      Sure would be lovely if I could speak to a support technician or get some help solving this problem ;-)