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    Imported .swf files are truncated in Captivate


      I create a file in Captivate, then publish it as a .swf file.


      I import it into my higher-level Captivate file and preview the entire project.


      The imported file plays all right initially, but sometimes it stops before the last slide is played.


      For example, I have a file that is 11:03 minutes long. It is composed of 99 slides.  It refuses to  play past the 71st slide.


      I've played around with the timing settings (Properties > Options tab). Setting  the "display for" setting to:

      • "rest of slide" sometimes works, but isn't reliable.
      • "duration of animation" doesn't work, though you'd think it would
      • "rest of project" is disastrous
      • "specific time" (and setting the time for longer than the embedded animation) also doesn't work


      Anyone else have this issue? I've tried to determine if there's a file size max, but sometimes larger files play successfully and smaller ones don't.