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    TileLayout fails to repaint after swapping dataProvider


      I have a TileLayout on a List with a dataProvider rendering images for me through an itemRenderer.


      I have multiple collections that I'm using on the same list and swapping them out via a button.


      When I do the swap the layout incorrectly updates the display and only shows me the previous height if there was no scroll bar (ie if View 1 has 40 elements and is 4 elements wide and View 2 has 4 elements, when switching from view 2 to view 1 I would only see 4 elements again)


      I tried to update the display by setting the layout again:


      listObj.layout = new TileLayout();


      and this seemed to work. But I was getting some broken images displaying when switching the view. So I added a clear call to the swap:




      and now I'm back where I started and the view wont update.


      Since there's no force repaint in flash I can't update the view correctly and am stuck.


      Please help,