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    dynamic links

      We have been generating documents and files for our applications for last few years. We are working with/editing .mpj files. Recently we tried to convert our robohelp (.hlp) files to .chm in order to integrate with vista. but the links between the help files have started to malfunction; the links that
      connect one help file to another are failing to work. and if the application is installed on a non-default path, then it is definite that it would fail to function. Though we are following almost identical workflow and the mode of introducing the links, there is one observation, we are embedding hard-coded locations for help files; how to convert them into dynamic links; esp dynamic links that work!
      For example we have the options for giving C:\Prgram Files\Application Folder\docs
      but what if the user installs the application at a no-default path? The links fail to connect with files other than the default path.
      We are using Robohelp HTML 2002 build 949, on Windows XP sp2.
      Any input or help will be greatly appreciated!