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    Class imports in fx:Script and Flash Builder language.

    Paul_Kuhn Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have two issues with Flash Builder (hope this is the right forum):



      Usually content assist using CRTL + Space in Flex Builder worked in the mx:script section, so the imports of a class is added.

      However in Flash Builder 4, in the <fx:Script> section, content assist with CTRL + Space does not work anymore and the class imports are not added to the section. Is this a bug or is there a new keyboard shortcut introduced?


      It is annoying to handle class imports manually, but maybe I am missing something here.



      I am running Windows English with Regional Settings in German.

      Here I installed Flash Builder on Eclipe 3.5 (English), however now my development IDE speaks half English and half German:

      The Eclipse part is English and the Flash Builder part is German. This is confusing - is there a way to tell Flash Builder to speak English??? I selected "English" during the installation...