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    rollOver Issues


      In Flex 3 I have LinkButtons in a LinkBar the display a list on rollOver. However, the rollover is not activated until the LinkButton is clicked. Could someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thank you.

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          You can trylike this:


          <mx:ArrayCollection id="linkButtons">
                  <mx:Object  id="invite" type="inviteUser" ttip="Invite a user" lField="Invite user"/>  
                  <mx:Object  id="addUser" type="addUser" ttip="Create a user" lField="Create user"/>          
              <mx:LinkBar id="linkBar" left="0" horizontalAlign="left" verticalGap="10" verticalCenter="0"
                        direction="horizontal" dataProvider="{linkButtons}" separatorWidth="1"
                        toolTipField="ttip" labelField="lField" horizontalGap="0"/>


          In this example we have 2 buttons in linkbar 1. 'Invite User' and 2. 'Create User'

          When you rollOver on  'Invite User' button then it shows "Invite a user" text.

          When you rollOver on  'Create User' button then it shows "Create a user" text.

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            dtangram Level 1

            Thank you, but the list that's displayed on rollOver are functional LinkButtons. My rollover won't activate and display my list until I cilck the LinkBar. I need it to display without clicking the LinkBar.