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    fontFamily question - HELP!!


      Hi everyone,


      I'm quite new to Flex and I need your help with something.  We're currently building a flex application in which users goes through a registration process which is displayed based on the user's choice for "preferred language" dropdown.

      The application then loads the stylesheet (and the property file) based on the user's preferred language.  On our stylesheets, we use an embedded font called DINRegular (as this is the requirement) but for some languages like Korean, Chinese etc., we have to use Arial for it to display correctly.  So basically, we created a stylesheet for each locale that we support, with each using the fontFamily that works best for that language.


      So now my problem is, we have this "terms of use" in which the language content is based on the user's country of origin (as opposed to the preferred language), which would mean there's a chance that this "terms of use" will show up as boxes or in weird characters if we still use the stylesheet based the preferred language.

      I haven't tried this approach, but I think we can load another stylesheet (on runtime) for this terms of use page in which the fontFamily is specific to the user's country of origin, and unload it on the page after.  But this would mean we would need two stylesheets for every locale we support, one for the whole registration process (loaded at the start of registration process), and one specific for terms of use page (loaded when user reaches terms of use and unloaded on the next page).  Is there a better approach to this?


      Thanks in advance.