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    How do I develop a bilingual website with Dreamweaver?

    robertos schtrumpf

      Hello everyone,


      I used Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 eons ago, and am about to purchase Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 for building quite an extensive website (in English), which will subsequently be translated and made available in French also.


      Can someone enlighten me about implementating the translation part...how does Dreamweaver help developers tackle the following:


      1) entering and displaying different language characters in the french version  (do I need to purchase any Dreamweaver editor extensions, etc.)...

      2) managing different names in window titles

      3) managing parallel website structures while maximizing re-use  (or does localization mean basically duplicating the original, and translating the text)

      4) any implications on shared css files?


      Also, are there particular guidelines (regarding structure, design, etc) for developing the site in the original language which make the translation stage easier afterwards?   Are there any Adobe online tutorials on this subject?


      I appreciate any help on this subject..