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    Constant Conform Loop?


      We are having some serious conforming problems with a fresh installation of Premiere CS4.

      Dell Precision Workstation T3500
      Intel Quad-core Xeon W3540
      4GB RAM
      8GB Page file
      Nvidia Quadro 4 FX 580 (512MB DDR3; default 3D settings)
      Dedicated 1TB secondary HD for media files
      Windows XP64 Pro, SP3


      This system has a Fresh OS Installation (No Dell utilities); Other software installed in this order:
      1. MS Office 2007
      2. Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
      3. All Adobe updates (Premiere is now running version 4.2.1)

      That's all. No other utilities, applications, or programs are installed.


      We are trying to import a 3GB .wmv file into a new project.  This .wmv was converted from a .mts. The source file lives on the media hard drive, in a directory different from the project folder.  When creating the new project, scratch disk settings are left at the default setting (same as project folder), and the media cache folder has been set in preferences to be the same as the project folder.  Other than that, preferences are unchanged.

      The source file is a .wmv file, roughly 3GB/90 minutes, converted from a .mts raw file using Adobe Premiere on a different computer.


      The problem is this:


      When creating the new project, I am able to import the file, and Premiere will immediately Conform the file relative quickly (3-5 minutes).  After that, any time I try to perform even the simplest actions (playback, go to a new spot on the timeline), premiere will again Conform the file, but this time the program will go between not responding and doing the Conform.  Now, it takes 5-10 minutes to do the same thing.  Premiere then creates a new set of media cache files, identical in size to the already-existing files, and drop them into the same Media Cache folder.  Effectively, this means that, assuming the program doesn't lock up completely, I can have multiple copies of the exact same set of .cfa and .pek files.  Also, the .cfa file is roughly 2GB, and the .pek file is 7.5MB. When the program is not conforming, or locked up, playback of the video is usually choppy (audio is unaffected) but at times will play back normal. This conforming loop does not occur when we use normal DV NTSC footage. We don’t currently have access to the raw .mts files, but are trying to get them to see if the playback and conforming issues persist.

      The final product will be a Windows Media 9 .wmv.


      We've been beating our heads against the wall trying to figure out what is causing this issue.  Is it software?  Settings?  Codec?  Format?  Is this just Premiere not liking the AVCHD codec? Does it have something to do with how the other editor converted the file to a .wmv?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          My compliments on a well documented question. It should be an example to many other who pose their questions here without proper background.


          I have no explanation for the reconforming that takes place, because IMO this is a convoluted workflow and I have never tried an approach like that. You also said you don't have access to the original .MTS files, but that may well be the problem. You converted to another uneditable format (WMV) and upon output will need to convert again. That is a number of conversions that you should try to avoid. Every conversion costs quality and can introduce problems like the ones you are experiencing.


          Go back to the other machine and convert the raw MTS files to something editable like MS DV AVI type2 and forget about WMV for input. If the other machine is no longer available, convert the WMV to MS DV AVI type2 and accept the further quality hits.

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            SheldonEden Level 1

            The reason we're having to work in this manner is because the source files are located in Israel while we are in Texas, and the footage had to be compressed for ease of transfer.  Why they chose to do it is in this format is beyond me, and they aren't being very forthcoming.


            We have asked for some sample footage in raw-MTS format to see if we can replicate the error here.  We're also wondering if there might be a problem with the original footage being shot in PAL, instead of NTSC.


            One other thing: sadly, Symantec Antivirus is also installed.  I personally despise everything Symantec (except Ghost), but company policy is company policy...

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              I hate Symantec Anti Virus as well, but Symanted Endpoint Protection is great (Corporate Edition).


              Can't you download from an FTP server in Israel?