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    Developing A Flex Client + PHP Backend (running on remote host) = Painful


      Using Flash Builder 4 Premium, I'm attempting to create a ZendAMF service by going through the "Connect to PHP Service" wizard.  First of all, it asks for a PHP file (a.k.a ZendAMF wrapper) but that file exists on a remote server so I had to purchase an SFTP client so that I can map a windows drive to a remote host.  Painful yes but that part now works.  However, what doesn't appear to work is setting the "Root URL" to a sub directory on my shared web host because I don't have access to the root directory. 


      For example, my URL looks something like: http://www.webhost.com/cameron/.  When I specify this as my "Root URL", I get the classic "Can't find Zend Framework" error.  The only hack I've been able to implement is to manually edit the gateway.php file everytime Flex recompiles and deploys the service to my shared host by "hard coding" where by web root and zend framework is located.


      Any help would greatly be appreciated!