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    cs4 P2 four channel audio sync issue


      Anyone ever have P2 4 channel audio files all sync to channel 1.  All four channels, once in a timeline, each link to and play channel 1 only - and not their respective channels. I've noticed that if I pull in a .mxf video individually I usually don’t have this issue, but if i pull in a batch it always happens--- And even if I take the time to import individually, once I get more than a few in there the next time I open the project the same issue occurs. In small test projects with say 6 or less files doing this, I can fix them by making the files offline and then re-linking... but again once I get more than 10 or so .mxf files in a project it all goes sour again. At this point the only way I can fix the problem is to manually go into the files on the drive and delete the unwanted channel files and then dupe the one channel I want for that file and fill the other channels with that one- quite time consumer with a hundred files to do that in.... I have tested all the audio mapping options there are with no resolution…any thoughts? Thanks