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    Blank Screens

      Hi everyone

      I cant figure out whats wrong with captivate. Whether im recording an application or a web page it keeps coing back wiht a blank reocrding of one slide!

      I have checked settings all are showing to show mouse clicks etc.

      Please help, im meant to be buying this but tbh i might not bother !
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi rallen2006

          Likely there is nothing wrong with Captivate. Blank and partial screens are simply a fact of life.

          Here's the deal. Captivate is running on your local PC. It is running very quickly. When it senses you have clicked the mouse, Poof! It grabs a screen capture as it is supposed to. When you are recording a web page or an application, often Captivate is just so quick on the draw with the screen capture that what you are capturing hasn't yet had time to fully fill in. Web pages are normally the biggie here, because when you click a link, a command is issued to the server. The server then has to fetch the data, ship it back and it finally displays on your screen. Captivate frequently will grab the screen long before it has had a chance to fully update.

          This is why it's handy to pay close attention when recording. You begin to develop a feel for when you need to supplement the automatic recording by grabbing a screen capture manually pressing the capture screen. After all, it's far easier to delete a few unwanted screens here and there, than it is to re-create what was missed.

          Cheers... Rick
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            rallen2006 Level 1
            its veyr strnage tho, it was working fine on another machine just literally stopped, even with basic recordings and long ones. For example it was working perfectly see this: http://www.tech.plymouth.ac.uk/learntech/captivate/Opening_windows_explorer_demo/Opening_w indows_explorer_demo.htm it just doesnt make sense, no matter what i do it records nothing at all. IT makes it pointless to buy it.

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              rallen2006 Level 1
              p.s also even if i add in screen grabs etc they arent showing its completey blank.
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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                Hi Rebecca

                Okay, firstly, I need to apologize. I guess I haven't had enough caffeine yet. I totally misunderstood your issue. I now see you are reporting that you aren't able to record anything, right?

                I suppose a good start would be to try deleting your Captivate configuration file.

                To do this,:
                1. Close Captivate.
                2. Open Windows Explorer and locate the following location: (default installation assumed)
                C:\Documents and Settings\[USER ACCOUNT]\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe Captivate
                3. Delete the captivate_v30.dat file. (or rename it if you aren't comfortable deleting it)
                4. Restart Captivate and it will create a new configuration file.

                Give that a go and see if it helps. Hopefully it will.

                Cheers... Rick
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                  I recently upgraded to Captivate 3 and am now experiencing this same issue. Now matter how I set my settings it will not record a local application or a browser application. It will however record from an existing captivate file (i.e. record additional slides). Although when I record additional slides it will not allow me to change the screen size of the capture.

                  Can any Captivate developer help with this? I used Captivate 2 all the time, but now I'm at a standstill with my projects due to a Captivate 3 issue. Please help!!
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                    rallen2006 Level 1
                    Hi Rick

                    Sorry its been one of those days and im probably not explaining myself properly. I tried this earlier, tried renaming and now deleting neither worked. Here is a screen grab of what i get after each/any recording now.


                    I just dont understand whats going on :(
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                      rallen2006 Level 1
                      yes it does the same to me from captivate 2! its so annoying ;(
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                        kev_27 Level 1

                        I just deleted the .dat file and it still didn't work for me either.

                        Any other fixes anyone? I still cannot create any captivate simulations!!
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                          rallen2006 Level 1
                          bump anyone.....this is getting despearate now :(
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                            kev_27 Level 1
                            I placed a case with Adobe Support so I'm hoping to here something back soon.
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                              rallen2006 Level 1
                              i have an interestng update...i tried it on another machine wiht a different video card and it works....on my new machine it doesnt.......hope Adobe sort something.