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    Director to Power Point or Flash

      I have several extensive training programs created in Director. Now my training team wants to use them on the web (Flash of course) and in Power Point presentations.

      Is there a good way to export Director programs for use in these programs? I've tried exporting to MOV, but it crashes Director. I've also tried AVI, but the pauses and stuff don't take.

      Any help will be appreciated!
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          Applied CD Level 1
          Unfortunately, Director’s MOV and AVI exports are just primitive frame by frame stage image exports and ignore all scripts, tempo controls, and of course interactivity is lost as well.

          Shockwave is a perfect choice for the web. As long as you stay away from xtras that aren’t Shockwave safe (mostly those involving file i/o) the export is simple and all the features of your project will be retained. I don’t think Shockwave can be embedded in Flash but it will work fine as standalone content (if it must be integrated into a pre-existing Flash site just link to the html container).

          Director into PowerPoint is a little more problematic. PowerPoint can link to any executable, so you could provide a link to a standard projector but the result may not be sufficiently integrated for your purposes. As a last resort, if your training program is strictly linear you can convert it to video using screen capture software like Camtasia. We have found a reasonably high end machine can capture smooth results at about 15fps.