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    TOC troubles – Chrome and Safari


      RH X5

      Windws XP and Vista

      I am uploading RH X5 html help files to a Drupal based website.  Unfortunately, users viewing the Help project through Chrome and Safari are not seeing the TOC.  I found forum feedback regarding this same problem in the WebHelp blog.  Is that applicable to the html .js files as well?  If not, can someone tell me what edits I need to make to what files?  (the eHlpDhtm.js maybe ??).

      Thank you!


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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Chrome is not officially supported by an version of RoboHelp but Adobe did issue a fix with RoboHelp 7 when Chrome was first released. I am not surprised X5 outputs do not work as that version was issued way ahead of Chrome being released.


          Safari is supported and I would guess your problem is that you are browsing with versions of Safari issue long after X5.


          No fixes that I have seen apart from upgrading and noting that Chrome would still not be supported. You would need to check with the trial version. Do not install that on your production machine that has X5 installed.


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