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    DW CS4 corrupts

    Brad Messer Level 1

      While wrestling with a problem with some forms I discovered that Save As does not produce an identical file with your designated new name: the new file may have some little difference which, in the case of my forms, is enough to make them not work right. Learned that I can do better by changing the file name in the Local Files window.

      Well, while I'm here, I'd like to also note that when working with text on a HTML page, if you set the text alignment in the Properties window to (Horizontal) Left, your text may be centered in Explorer browsers, but if you align it left using Format>Align it works. That's kind of stupid for an app that's been around this long (I began with MX).

      And before I go, why is it that in some cases when you designate a link in the Properties window, you sometimes can't get access to the Target field without first clicking in some nearby window.

      Gee, I could go on and on. Maybe these aren't problems in the Windows version?

      Mac OS 10.6.2 Intel duo

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          Can you show us an example of a page that you saved before a save as and one after?  Is the page being saved within the same DW defined site?


          For your second issue, showing us an example of the code will help greatly again.  What code is being generated to align your text? The two commands you are talking about produce the same results.  And by default you should not need to align something to the left, unless there is an element or the text's container is set to align differently.


          So anymore details you can provide in either case would be helpful in solving your issue.