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    Resizing flas that were saved for a cd rom

    mentlity Level 1

      I have a client who has a Flash project that was used for a cd rom. The flas are 1000 x 1043. I need to know the best way to be able to save the entire presentation for the web. I already tried re saving the flas publishing in percentage that doesn't work. If I make the actual stage smaller the mc's and all dimensions would have to be made smaller manually am I correct.


      Any help as I need to give them an answer if this can be done without redoing the entire project.





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          carl schooff Level 3

          if you change the html page's embed code to have the new width and height it will squeeze the swf down to the proper size.


          if you resize the stage in flash, yes the assets on the timeline will not resize BUT you can use "Edit Multiple Frames" to scale and move every object in every frame of the timeline.


          Both methods may yield less than optimal visual results. vectors may get mushy if they get too small and bitmaps will look pixelated if they get too big.



          Most likely this will involve some amount of tedious tweaking by hand.