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    Open URL with Dreamweaver

    vastbeyond_mw Level 1

      I'm a webdeveloper who works with tons of different pages each day.  Many of these are sent as URLs by others in the organization, via email, etc.


      To increase efficiency, I'd like to use our testing environment to automatically open URLs with Dreamweaver.  So, basically, open a URL in the test environment (test.example.com/testing123.html), then have a link on the page to open that exact page with Dreamweaver.


      Question is....does anyone know a way to open a specific file with a specific desktop application from the browser??

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          370H55V Level 4

          In Firefox, you can click file and Save Page As, then save the page as an HTML file. Under Tools>Options or Firefox>Preferences (Mac) you can go to the Applications tab and add HTML as a file type and select DW as the default app to open them.


          Personally, I'd caution against that because it messes up things that you really should be using Firefox or IE to open. (CHMs or application help files for example).