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    Flash on remote server will not play

    Ronnie 1.8

      I have inserted services.flv into http://www.firstreflectionav.com/Untitled-2.html.   I am using Dreamweaver CS4, and all dependent files, including the  flash video are present:









      The last  two files are in a folder Scripts.


      I am able to successfully use the "Live  View" function within CS4.  I am also able to successfully preview  within IE and Firefox.  I've put all files in the appropriate location  on the remote server.  All files are in my /wwwroot/, except the two  files that are in the Script folder, which is in my root.  My domain  host claims flv files are supported, and Adobe technical support  eperiences the same behavior as I, they can play locally, but not  remotely.  Adobe technical support claims the cause of the problem is  the remote server.


      I posted this question yesterday morning, but received only one reply, that did not result in problem resolution.


      Can anyone please offer a recommendation?